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Feb 162010

On behalf of the whole Red Sun Soundroom crew i want to extend a hearty welcome to newcomers and old friends alike.  This is the new weblook for Red Sun, and since we’re all so busy trying to make things sound great, it was no small diversion for us to focus our attention on making our web presence look great too.

We had a pretty simple 1-page weblog look in the past.  At the time we felt posting what we’re playing on our hi-fi now and again and a few links to downloadable music would be enough.

You asked for something better, something more worthy of Red Sun.  We took a crack at it, and we hope you like it.  It remains a work in progress, but with the new format, it will be easier to continuously improve, refine, update with pertinent information, as well as provide the occasional appropriate ornamentation.

Please note that the entire archive of posts has been preserved, and all new posts will appear in the same place, On The Notepad. There is now an added benefit of posts being organized by category.  You can, for example, with a click of the mouse see all the playlists from past Listening Salons.   (Or, rather, all the playlists i got around to posting in the first place!  The debaucherous nature of said events can sometimes lead to a day or two of laziness and thus playlists at times get pushed further and further down the task list until they just never get published.  I aim to make this is a phenomenon of the past.  Not the debauchery, of course.)

We hope you enjoy the In The Stream page, which will lead you to free downloads of  some albums and singles birthed within these walls.  Also on this page are many excerpts from pieces of original music as well as sample beats and atmospheres ready to appear in our clients’ original productions or sent out into the marketplace for others to use.  Please note: we have intentionally designed this page so that you can play more than one selection at a time. Try putting a beat and an atmosphere together.  Play a song excerpt and add another one to it but at lower volume.  For those of you who have spent any time in our shop, you know we often experiment by blending prepared ingredients.  Join in the fun!

Many thanks to Sayontan Sinha for providing the scaffolding during our renovation.

No small thanks to you all for stopping in for something warm, and for making the Red Sun Soundroom the special place it has become.  Cheers!

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2 Responses to “To Something Better”

  1. Kim Mitchell says:

    I love the new look. These are sights and sounds worthy of “The Room!” I’m having particular fun playing DJ on the In The Stream page. I’ve found that “The Melt Continues” strangely works with “Red Sun Heat Beat 002.” Thanks for opening up my ears!

  2. Karen M says:

    Congrats on the beginning of the Red Sun Sound Room new endeavor. So much to see, read and listen to. Am looking forward to hanging out here a lot.enjoying the sights, sounds and stories. Especially loved reading the histories of the listening salons. Looking forward to the updates.

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