Clairaudience Listening Salon 001
Jun 022005

It’s a time of transition at the Red Sun Soundroom. We’ve relocated to the “New England side of the Hudson” here in upstate New York, and have yet to settle into the perfect space to install our full-service recording facility. There is a skeletal setup, of course, enough gear to draw up sketches, but it isn’t a space to invite other musicians to map out their next artistic voyage.

So the work being done here now is personal. I’ve adjusted my work habits lately to take on the role of prep cook: cultivating fine musical ingredients, dicing them up and arranging all new purées, sautéing and marinating nibbles of rhythm and melody and atmosphere, utilizing my skill with the simplest tools to deliver these ingredients to other chefs i trust, who will then arrange and integrate them into full compositions, ready for tasting, for savoring. It is an opportunity for me to return to the fundamentals of music-making, to hone my skill with a blade and offer what is necessary for other musicians to cook up the finest entrées.

New Hampshire guitarist and composer Tim Nelson is doing just that with our collaborative piece for his upcoming record, Plays Nicely With Others. Working title, “Less Form, Then Form”.

The next Psuedophone record is being undertaken in much the same way. The brunt of the composing, recording, and mixing will be done at MoonDogEast, and i’m taking on some of the prep work here at the temporary chopping block i am affectionately calling the Red Sun Soundcloset. We’ve got so many exciting things on the burner right now it will be difficult to choose in the end which cuts make it to the final record. News of that project will be forthcoming as the pieces progress.

In the meantime, as the full recording facility of the Soundroom is in a bit of a hibernation period, the community scene of the Red Sun Soundroom continues on its course. We’re forming a Listening Salon: a regular gathering of composers, musicians, friends, and music enthusiasts coming together to share works in progress, old favorites, new releases and obscure sounds we’ve discovered on our own paths and wish to share and discuss with each other. Sharing sounds that have us juiced has been an ongoing tradition among the regulars of the Red Sun Soundroom, be it field recordings of Senegalese drummers, the latest pop music from Finland, independent film scores depicting the expansive landscapes of Australia, or revisiting the family dynamic that made that particular Bee Gees hit work. We’re continuing the tradition and conversation with the Listening Salon, and frankly, with the roster we have on board so far, i can’t bleedin’ wait.

But i won’t tell you what i’ll be playing at the first Salon just yet.

It’s a secret.

You’ll find out soon.

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