7 hours, 40 minutes On Our Hi-Fi This Week
Apr 262006

When he first told me he had decided to brave the waters of web presence in the form of a weblog, my buddy Adam Kellie did so with sort of a self-effacing explanation, almost like he needed an excuse: “Because everyone else is doing it.”

Well, if they are, most aren’t doing it as thoughtfully and elegantly as he is.

Only in its infancy, Pixelsound is already showcasing phenomenal visual art crafted by the natural artistic eye that could only be Adam Kellie. (Ohhh, he makes it look so damned easy.) Every image is pure geometry come to life.

I’ve been living witness to Adam’s innate sense of proportion and perspective—the “clean view” always coming to the point with immediacy and sensitivity—since we met each other in the 3rd grade. Alas, decades gone by, and i’m ever surprised with each new image, finding myself still asking for more.

Cheers to an artist who knows how to use his tools, whatever they may be.

More, my friend, more!

Check it out and share your thoughts.

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