Niskayuna Sheebang
Mar 012006

Things to do while you’re waiting for your new studio space to be finished before you can begin loading in gear:

  1. Play with a drum machine. They’re small.
  2. Talk to all your friends on the phone. Soon you won’t have time to.
  3. Attempt yet again to get the electrician on the phone. And again and again.
  4. Read a Stoppard play.
  5. Hang out at
  6. Clean your fountain pen.
  7. Work harder at entertaining your pets.
  8. Verify with your physician or pharmacist that these little things are in fact the ones you’re supposed to be taking.
  9. Browse the local hardware store.
  10. See Tom Jones in concert.
  11. Stoke the fire.
  12. Revisit the piano works of Charles Mingus.
  13. Bake a pie for your neighbor.
  14. Locate a good consignment shop nearby.
  15. Continue the search for a good, affordable Prosecco.
  16. Discuss with professionals the advantages and disadvantages of two layers of Sheetrock versus a layer each of Sheetrock and Homasote.
  17. Collect more field recordings.
  18. Peruse Shamit Kachru’s popular and highly cited paper, “De Sitter Vacua In String Theory” [Phys. Rev. D 68[4]: art. no. 046005, 15 August 2003].
  19. Make yourself a cup of tea.
  20. Work in somebody else’s studio.

Other suggestions?

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