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“Recording with Pete is hot as balls!” — Kemp Harris, recording artist, vocalist, pianist, songwriter, actor


Beginnings: Guided Meditations for Spiritual Growth

“Peter has created some of the most brilliant and peaceful meditative music that I have ever heard.  The music to each track has such a unique quality to it—the creativity and perfection that is infused into Peter’s work puts him into a class of his own.”  — Kelly M. Ballard, Reflective Harmony

Past Andromeda

“[S]low blooms of galactic sound that stretch from ear to ear like a blissful smile [...]; sonar blurps that bring to mind how Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry imagined submarines, rather than airplanes, as the Starship Enterprise’s most significant predecessor; and occasional flurries of digitally messed-up speech, suggesting the space-enabled psychosis of Stanislaw Lem’s novel Solaris. [...]  The music’s source materials include electric bass guitar, field recordings, children’s toys, glass vases, harmonica, among other household objects.” — Marc Weidenbaum, review of Past Andromeda

“[Peter Koniuto's] Past Andromeda has its antecedents in 1970s ambient music, from that heady time when the notion of sound as sound had been rediscovered with a tent revival enthusiasm. Yet the work never feels trite or tamed. Instead, this is a subtle, integrated listen—nothing less than the kind of mature, capable work that reminds us why we listen to ambient music.” — Robert Nunnally, co-founder, Negative Sound Institute



“The Negative Sound Institute netlabel is always good for quality ambient sounds and their new addition to the NSI stable does nothing to dissuade this notion. Pseudophone’s music yearns to be background noise, a quiet droneful dream of sound suitable for meditation or simply calming the urban chaos as you go on with your day. Much of Reach sounds like a soundtrack for a movie, a very atmospheric movie at that. If you are looking for music that is calming, other worldly and with a generous dose of mystery, Pseudophone is waiting for you.” —

“The music invites the visitor to close the door, relax, and let the rest of the world go.  My tip: a must download!!!” — Christian Gütschow, , on Pseudophone’s Reach

“A superb job this Reach of Pseudophone, enjoyable, rich atmospheres made of sound cyclical flows slowly that overlap and chase.” — Mauro Graziani, Italian musician and writer

“Peter and his ’soundroom’ have been around since the mid-eighties whether he knows it or not. From the very earliest years of my work with him in ‘The Dirty River Blues Band’ ca. 1988-90 to various performance, compositional, and most recently, production projects, Peter has always insisted on owning the ‘room’ when it comes to sound.  Though his strong, primitive sensibilities and talents in percussion were always readily available in the libidinous early years, it was pure consciousness-of-process in later years which brought the deeper spheres of the soundroom…I am honored to have participated in both. Nuanced, sophisticated, and ultimately spiritual, the Red Sun Soundroom will be forever tied to my awareness as a music artist. Its history parallels my own and its inspiration speaks to vision and depth beyond us all. Thank You Peter! Booglie Flim Flam.”
– Adam Oh, artist, poet, blues musician, Roll Over Baby

“I’ve worked in a lot of studios and walked away with sonically similar results, usually quite satisfactory.  But I step inside this place, man, and the sounds here are like nowhere else.  A whole range of unfamiliar characters step up onto the stage of imagination.” — Reb Linky-Clethlim, film-maker

“I recorded my first audio book at the Red Sun Soundroom. The sound, the equipment and the production value are all top notch. What really impressed me was the passion and attention to detail that Koniuto and his staff brought to my project. My apprehension and anxiety faded quickly and was replaced with a vibe that melded playfulness and productivity.” –  Tom Schreck, author of the Duffy Dombrowski Mystery series

“It is in the interest very much of peoples to hold on in exciting ways to the locomotive engine you maneuver, Mr Peter.  You travel long distances with cargo of great sounds!” — K. Pewm Rashir, studio musician (body percussion, voice)

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