Listening Salon 002 SAA
Nov 202005

When i was a kid, we used to go around the Thanksgiving dinner table and each of us would say what we were thankful for that year. Funny, i don’t remember any of my yearly expressions of gratitude save one: when i was very young, a little boy, i remember saying, “I’m thankful for my bed.”

Perhaps i was not as naive at that time as i once thought.

It’s impossible to come up with a list of everything for which one is grateful. But i think that old tradition my mother and father forced upon my siblings and me has survived as the part of my character of which i am most proud: I still think often of the things i am thankful for. I make lists, and more than one list per year.

Here are a few things i’ll share with you as the American Thanksgiving holiday approaches.

In no particular order, i am thankful for:

- a wealth of friends
- the unique laughter every individual possesses
- the healthcare my loved ones and i have been fortunate enough to receive
- the hard working folks at Stasisfield
- a rare surname
- the Red Sun Soundroom family, wild and strong, forever growing
- Björk
- warm toes
- the magnetic smiles of Wildwood
- Ethiopean coffee
- fire worship
- dependable and well-crafted tools
- all things McGarrigle
- our partnership with MoonDogEast
- New England air in November
- Listening Salons
- all great teachers
- records under fifty minutes in length
- my two boys
- the many faces of love
- another day on Earth
- Ms. M, and all she gives
- my bed, and the roof that shelters it

For what are you thankful?

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