Listening Salon 010 Tim Nelson – Setting Complex Fractures
Apr 032010

The air conditioning in the studio was engaged today.  First time of the year.  I don’t usually diary these things; this could be a record.

Perhaps i should diary each year the amount of time between the heat system finally goes into hibernation and the cooling agent is called into the room.  Each affect the air differently, and therefore the sound—to say nothing of the pacing of a recording session. A work itinerary consideration.

But it is early this year.  Hot Saturday.  In the Christian book, it’s the day before the resurrection of the Divine, the day after the seed hath died and before the tree has yet to sprout again.  A day of waiting.  The last day of sacrifice.

Tomorrow’s a new day.  It’s a day to stop concentrating on what we gave up, and start feeling what it’s like to be givin’ it up.  It’s a day many folks can eat chocolate again.  We find the divine where we can.  Pour it on thick: the heat has arrived and the goodness melts all over us like sin become a blessing.

That’s supposed to be tomorrow though.

All said, i wonder what will happen at Red Sun tonight.

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