Jan 232011

Artist, musician, and nature enthusiast Robert Nunnally, a.k.a. Gurdonark, created a delightful short video comprised of still photos of birds in everyday situations, mostly taken with lo-fidelity digital cameras.

It’s called Birds I Saw, and it uses a bit of “Meditation 01” from the Red Sun Soundroom Series record, Birth Music I.

Birds I Saw, just as all of Gurdonark’s art that I’ve seen and heard, quietly marvels at how facets of the world around us—natural and human-made—enrich our lives if we set out each day simply with the curiosity, courage, and patience to pay attention. While the function of art perhaps is not exclusively to heal, Gurdonark’s art does. It heals with an invitation: look, listen, feel, imagine, grow.

Birds I Saw from Gurdonark on Vimeo.

Jan 172011

In 1995 i purchased a Fender Rhodes EK-10 Mark III electric piano. At least i thought it was a Fender Rhodes. It was remarkably heavy, and it sure had that signature Fender Rhodes sound. I got it cheap—shockingly cheap. It was used for a little while happily, and it sounded lovely.

Then one day it began misbehaving in a very odd fashion. While i tried to collect all the information possible about its behavioral peculiarities, smoke began to rise out of the back of the instrument with an ill-omened smell. I shut it off until i could get it into the hands of someone who could fix whatever electrical short was occurring under the hood and unleash those beautiful tones again.

The quest took over 15 years. Most electric piano gurus wouldn’t go near it, which had me perplexed. My buddy Steve Bates has shown me lately his skill and courage with a soldering iron, so i invited him to have a look.

His account of its retrieval from storage, the assessment of its viability as a musical instrument to keep in the family, and the final means of sending it back out into the world in a way that was most useful can be found at his blog here. It’s an entertaining read.

Name Plate From The Rhodes EK-10 Mark III Electric Piano

Name Plate From The Rhodes EK-10 Mark III Electric Piano

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