Nov 012007

Un buon lavoro questo Reach di Pseudophone, godibile, ricco di atmosfere fatte di flussi sonori ciclici che lentamente si sovrappongono e si inseguono.”

Many thanks to Mauro Graziani, Italian musican and writer who had such kind words to say about Pseudophone’s Reach, the free EP we put out on Negative Sound Institute midsummer. Reviews like these have business picking up: the label is reporting tremendous increased interest in Reach, and the number of music fans downloading the full record or individual tracks keeps growing every day. Mille grazie, indeed!

For those folks who, like me, have little Italian, perhaps you’ll take pleasure in what the linguistic algorithms of web translators offer as the English equivalent of Mr Graziani’s observations:

“A good job this Reach of Pseudophone, enjoyable, rich atmospheres made of sound cyclical flows slowly that overlap and chase.”

Yep, that about nails it.

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