Oct 232007

“Music that is calming, other worldly and with a generous dose of mystery.”

So says a nice little review of Pseudophone’s Reach that recently appeared on Free Albums Galore. This team provides the excellent curatorial role of identifying quality music on the web. Click here for the full review, and thanks for listening.

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Oct 182007

A flute arrived in the mail yesterday. It’s handmade of black walnut. I couldn’t keep my fingers and lips away from it all night. It’s called a “courtship flute”, afer all.

Master woodworker Kai Mayberger made it especially for me. I purchased a djembe from Kai in August while visiting his shop, White Raven Drumworks, in Bridgewater, Vermont. I spent a lot of time in his shop over two days: playing the djembes, ashikos, didjeridoos, flutes, frame drums, and talking with the man whose master hand crafts all these instruments each to realize a personality of its own.

Kai knows that a musician’s relationship to an instrument is what makes interesting music possible. With his chisels and saws and knives and so many tools i cannot name Kai brings these instruments into the world, each full of unique personality, each with a tone and feel that makes its character one of a kind.

These instruments demand of the musician a commitment of full breath and an honest touch, without which they will sound pretty, yes, but with such commitment there comes a promise of vitality and profound depth in their sound.

These instruments are of the highest quality in that they come to life when the musician reaches out to them with passion and sincerity of the heart.

I encourage anyone visiting the northeastern U.S. to make the trip to Bridgewater, Vermont—speak at length with Kai at White Raven Drumworks, play his instruments, and let your imagination fly in their midst.

Believe me, it’s worth the trip.

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