Jul 222007

Pseudophone — Reach

It’s been noted—subtly brought to my attention—that, perhaps, i should avoid posting photographs on my website of men as good looking as Mr. Wainwright, especially considering an image of myself will inevitably live on the same page for a bit of time and suffer all inevitable comparisons. And i mean suffer. Many thanks to my concerned friends, fans, and loved ones for this advice.

But i’ll not strike an image already posted, and with that i say cheers to His Flaming Fabulosity. Rufus is devastating, and if that sort of thing keeps people like you coming back to check in, partake in the Red Sun Soundroom family dinner-chat discourse, i may commence posting images of the strapping young Canadian in stockings. Such photos are available, after all.

That said, since you’re here (and hopefully here to hear), i shall point your attention to these images:

Pseudophone’s Reach – Front Cover; design by NSI, photography by Kim Mitchell

Pseudophone’s Reach – Back Cover; design by NSI, photography by Verian Thomas

That’s right, we at Red Sun Soundroom Publicity Headquarters are pleased as pickles to announce our very own Pseudophone’s debut release, Reach.

The international netlabel Negative Sound Insitute launched an online release for free download of Pseudophone’s debut EP on 18 July—yes, a few days ago. Since much of this record was composed, recorded, and mixed in the Red Sun Soundroom, you may be wondering how i could be so remiss as to wait a full four days to let you all know.

Well let’s face it: it simply would have been unfair and self-centered and downright rude to distract the public from the release of J. K. Rowling’s great finale of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I am not an unjust man.

[We also happened to be having technical difficulties due to a glitch at Google resulting in the inability to make any changes to this site, so it's just as well. Not to mention i've spent the last two days in a sling with right hand bandaged, swallowing enough penicillin to choke a horse. If you're going to hose down a long-haired Himalayan, do it from a distance or leave it to the professionals. Yes, yes, i got beat up by a cat...]

Pseudophone is:

Peter Koniuto (Red Sun Soundroom)
Hoby Ebert (MoonDogEast)

Reach is a travelogue, a diary in music. Six entries, great distances travelled. While listening, you may recogize some of the landscapes. Please download it freely and share it with friends and colleagues. (You can do so either track by track, or you can download the whole album at once, which will also provide you with the liner notes and album cover images.)

We hope you enjoy Reach. And of course, we would love to hear from you. Let us know what you think and we will post a few comments here in the near future.

Many thanks for your friendship.

Comments, questions, feedback.

Jul 012007

Rufus Wainwright — Release The Stars

Best line of any song i’ve heard in a long time, fully supported by orchestra at triple forte:

“And I better be prominently featured in your….next….SLIDESHOW!

- Rufus Wainwright

I’m terrified to think what he’ll do if he isn’t.

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