Apr 022007

They have been delivered.

The final tracks of Pseudophone’s Reach—slated for a May 2007 release—have been delivered to the netlabel, Negative Sound Institute, for free download.

We’re proud of this EP. It’s a strong work, a collection of cinematic music we believe many will enjoy.

And we’re afforded our pride in no small part because of the work of the final craftsperson to handle these recordings: our mastering engineer. He took our final mixes, melodically simple but harmonically full and complex—crazy clusters of frequencies—and he made them work better both together and standing alone.

Multi-band compression, surgical equalization, precise limiting, and trans-system loudness leveling are not things we hope our listeners are considering when they hear our music. But we depend on our mastering engineer to handle these tools with ease and have an ear that matches the eye of the finest jeweler before placing our wares behind the glass for all the world to judge.

We’ll have the specific release date soon. Please stay tuned. In the meantime remember to surround yourself with those who are good for you.

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