Jan 182007

Warm wishes to all for a merry and music-filled new year. And i don’t think you have to be a student of John Cage to agree with me that laughter counts as music! Who was it that said when you sing you pray twice? I will add that making laughter is making music twice. Tickle a friend.

An evening off here from behind the console or in front of a musical instrument. Yours truly-and-most-gracefully fell on is arse during a recent ice storm, breaking my fall with my right hand and injuring my wrist in the process. It’ll be fine, but percussive performances are out of the question for a day or two, and those of you who have worked with me know it can be a trick to differentiate what i do at the helm of the studio from what i might do with a drum. It’s all a physical experience. I’ve pulled muscles performing mixdowns and i dare not risk further injury to my appendages at this time.

But what’s been happening in the Soundroom? you ask.

Highlights include author Tom Schreck stopping in at the shop to record “Hounding Duffy”, a Duffy Dumbrowski mystery. Though shy about his uncanny resemblance to a young Elvis, Tom cast aside all inhibitions to deliver an animated performance sure to please his ever-growing eager audience. His new novel, On the Ropes, will be released in September, but pre-orders can be made today. Schreck instantly earned himself a spot on the favorite client list here in the Soundroom by showing up with a bottle of astonishingly good single malt from the Isle of Jura, which may have been the idea of his executive producer, the charming and clever Gail West.

A solo project is underway, and we’ve hosted many fruitful Pseudophone sessions lately while still tweaking the new room. Ethnomusicologist Dr Otto Keipneur stopped in and astutely uncovered in what he heard of current Soundroom projects my recent discovery and fascination with field recordings of ancient Ethiopian Christian Orthodox liturgical chant. Always a pleasure to have the doctor do a house call and lay it down the way he hears it.

Finally, we’re still waiting for the original artwork we’ve commissioned, which will serve a double function by also providing acoustic treatment for the Soundroom. I’d like to have this in before publishing photos. In the meantime, let us know if you’d like a tour…

…by sending an e-mail.

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