Aug 072006

Roger Mitchell
22 June 1942 — 4 August 2006

Roger Mitchell — “Pops”

The Red Sun Soundroom family says good-bye to a dear friend, a fan, an advocate, an honest voice.

Pops died Friday afternoon after a brief and sudden illness. To say he will be missed is, of course, an understatement.

Few individuals have cheered me on as passionately and honestly as Roger. An unabashed practitioner of beauty-worship, when he heard something he loved he said so, often with a loud laugh and an admirable inability to keep his feet on the ground. He literally jumped for joy at whatever got him juiced, be it a pounding rhythm or ambient texture.

“Cool, man!” he cried out on many occasion after hearing something i was working on or something that inspired me. Pops pointed me in the direction of where i would find some of my best field recordings.

His enthusiasm was matched by a keen intellect: he asked the hardest questions about the why of what i was doing. He never judged by what he understood, rather by what he gauged as the honesty with which i approached my own artistry.

The Red Sun Soundroom would not be what it is today without his unique input over the years, even though i never did get him to play double bass on a single recording.

Wherever he is now, i hope to continue making him proud.

Rock on, Rocket Man.

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