Jul 012006

We’re madly putting the final touches into the Soundroom, closing in on a completion we’re estimating will be countable days from now as opposed to months. Our back-of-the-envelope math suggests about a mile of cable. The results of the past few months are very exciting indeed. Who’d have thought i’d fall in love with window dressings?

And, after a snag or two, our web host has brought us up to speed in terms of disk space and other goodies, which will result in more free music posted here for your enjoyment or scrutiny, as it pleases you.

Please take a look to the left now to see the recent addition of “My Eyes Are Open”. This is an excerpt from a larger work, Soluna, which came together very quickly in the old shop in Boston. Featured vocalist in this excerpt is my buddy Kemp Harris, who also participated in the choir and as an actor in other sections of the complete piece. That’s me enjoying a honeymoon period with my Ace Tone Top-5 electric organ (the honeymoon has not yet ended), and playing the rest—twinklables and such.

Kemp’s second solo record is due out soon, details are coming. In the meantime you can enjoy his debut solo release, Sometimes In Bad Weather, or stop by the Red Sun Soundroom for a peak at one of the many great Kemp Harris outtake gems in our archive.

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