Feb 072006

The hardwood floors are coming along, the final bits of sheetrock put into place, wiring improvements, acoustic treatments.

We’re moving in.

Hammering out details with bankers and lawyers, insurance reps and contractors, tax collectors and other municipal officials, it’s a knock in the forehead finally to see the Red Sun Soundroom’s arrival into its new home. It’s got a whole new chapter ahead of it, and we’ll all begin with learning how its walls will behave.

We’ve been scrubbing down exposed surfaces to T-Lev-driven 1980’s Peter Gabriel. Lhasa de Sela, with all her otherworldly trot and circumstance, has a beguiling way of easing the Soundroom crew’s muscle aches while encouraging focus. David Gray offers the nickel-a-try jukebox singalong selections essential to any work team facing the madness of a campaign against the unbeatable foe: glue.

The first vibrations in La Plaza, though—and we’ll never forget this—were from the recorded voice of Tony Bennett. Lyrics aside, the sound of his voice alone extended the blessing, “This is gonna be good.”

It feels good so far.

We appreciate all the patience everyone has shown us in this moving process, with little to talk about for long stretches. (Did you really want to hear what my lawyer had to say?—funny, that can become one’s life for a time.) The encouraging words we’ve received have been great and very much appreciated. Keep the calls and e-mails coming.

Infinitessimal gradations out here in Niskayuna. At some point soon we’ll share pictures.

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