Nov 202005

When i was a kid, we used to go around the Thanksgiving dinner table and each of us would say what we were thankful for that year. Funny, i don’t remember any of my yearly expressions of gratitude save one: when i was very young, a little boy, i remember saying, “I’m thankful for my bed.”

Perhaps i was not as naive at that time as i once thought.

It’s impossible to come up with a list of everything for which one is grateful. But i think that old tradition my mother and father forced upon my siblings and me has survived as the part of my character of which i am most proud: I still think often of the things i am thankful for. I make lists, and more than one list per year.

Here are a few things i’ll share with you as the American Thanksgiving holiday approaches.

In no particular order, i am thankful for:

- a wealth of friends
- the unique laughter every individual possesses
- the healthcare my loved ones and i have been fortunate enough to receive
- the hard working folks at Stasisfield
- a rare surname
- the Red Sun Soundroom family, wild and strong, forever growing
- Björk
- warm toes
- the magnetic smiles of Wildwood
- Ethiopean coffee
- fire worship
- dependable and well-crafted tools
- all things McGarrigle
- our partnership with MoonDogEast
- New England air in November
- Listening Salons
- all great teachers
- records under fifty minutes in length
- my two boys
- the many faces of love
- another day on Earth
- Ms. M, and all she gives
- my bed, and the roof that shelters it

For what are you thankful?

Nov 202005

I’ve been remiss.

Not one, not two, but three Listening Salons have occurred in recent months without receipt of due reporting. I shall post the playlists of each separately, beginning here with Salon 002, which was held in Brunswick on the evening of Saturday, 23 July.

As always, if you have questions about the specifics of any of these pieces (record label, date, performers), by all means give a jingle and we’ll get back to you.

I began this Salon with a few pieces demonstrating the extreme use of acoustic space in music and music recording:

Pauline Oliveros / The Deep Listening Band — “Balloon Payment”
Pauline Oliveros / The Deep Listening Band — “Seven-Up”
Pseudophone —
Dennis Leas —
“I Am Smoking In A Room”

New York composer and filmmaker Denise Anderson continued with the following lovely pieces:

Erik Satie — “Les filles des étoiles” (transcribed for flute and harp by Toru Takemitsu)
Yuki Kajiura — “Canta er me”
Yuki Kajiura — “Salva nos”
Tan Dun — “IV. Allegro Vivace” (from “Concerto for String Orchestra and Pipa”)

MoonDogEast’s Hoby Ebert delivered an extended, uninterrupted set guided by a theme he titled, “Aviary”. This collection, flowing effortlessly from one piece to another, became a sonic narrative unto itself:

Peter Gabriel — “Quiet and Alone” (from the film Birdy)
Pied Butcherbird — “Dawn Solo” (rec. by David Lumsdaine)
Airto Moreira — “When Angels Cry” (feat. Flora Purim, voice)
Songbirds By The Steam — “Rose-breasted Grosbeak” (rec. by Dan Gibson)
David Rothenberg — “White Crested Laughter”
Laurie Anderson — “Excellent Birds” (with Peter Gabriel)
Mickey Hart — “Cougar Run” (feat. Babatunde Olatunji, bells)
Laurie Anderson — “Kokoku”
Witchcraft — “We Rest” (from the compilation, Slumberland)
Peter Gabriel — “”Birdy’s Flight” (from the film Birdy)
Songbirds By The Steam — “Wood Thrush” (rec. by Dan Gibson)
Chris Hughes — “”Slow Motion Blackbird” (from the music of Steve Reich)

Ms M. concluded the evening with four tracks exemplifying the musical elements of drone, rhythm, melody, and harmony, and how the simplest pop tune can bring them together to create something wholly satisfying:

Sheila Chandra — “ABoneCroneDrone 4″
Chemirani — “Qalam Kar”
Hildegard von Bingen — “O Rubor Sanguinis” (perf. by Sequentia)
Bee Gees — “Alone”

The wine was good, the food a delight, and the company altogether warm and healing—especially following a challenging afternoon during which my car went over a cliff. Thanks for the deep listening everyone.

Be in touch.

Nov 102005

A fun and thoughtful review of the recent Past Andromda release can be found here.

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