Aug 222005

One of the greats, so emphatically interested in the relationship between musicians and their instruments, has left us.

Bob Moog
May 23, 1934 – August 21, 2005

Dr Moog, thank you.

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Aug 102005

This is short notice, as schedules have been a tad strained lately, but tomorrow night i will joining composers Dr Tim Olsen of Union College, and Denise Anderson of NYU, for a composers’ forum held at the Fulton Street Gallery in Troy, NY.

This panel discussion, open to the general public, marks the fifth event affiliated with the two-week gallery residency of artists Denise Anderson and Josette Pastore. Here’s what these two artists are up to (and there are a few days left, so if you get a chance, do indeed stop by the gallery and take in some of the most remarkable installation artwork i’ve seen or heard in quite some time):

Faux Personae and Analogous Images
A multimedia installation by Denise Anderson and Josette Pastore

August 2 – 12
Fulton Street Gallery 408 Fulton Street Troy, NY 12180

We see it on a daily basis. From magazines and billboards to television and movies, we are constantly presented with men and women molding the definition of beauty; a definition so complex it has both fascinated and eluded mankind from the dawn of civilized society. But while the media is shaping our perceptions, who is shaping the media?

Faux Personae and Analogous Images is an arousing multimedia exhibition offering a provocative look at popular representations of beauty and the human form, combining original music, experimental video, photography and sculpture into a thought provoking and emotional event.

Events so far have been the show’s opening, a visual artists’ forum, a filmmakers’ forum, and a live performance of Ms Anderson’s new work, Synchronal Metamorphosis.

With this piece the composer took to the stage with violonist Elizabeth Silver to perform “an original duet for violin and soprano featuring spoken word, prerecorded sound and experimental video.” The exquisite text for the piece, both sung and spoken, was written by Red Sun Soundroom’s own Kim Mitchell.

A courageous piece, at times nodding to the choral work of Philip Glass, Synchronal Metamorphosis explores a conversation between age and agelessness, between quick undulations and unnoticeable movement, between strength and subtlety. Ms Anderson’s latest composition promises to achieve even greater depths with each future performance. I look forward to them.

I hope to see friends, fans, and hecklers alike tomorrow evening at the composers’ forum. It’s at 7:30p. We’ll all be playing recordings of some of our work, and i hear Dr Olsen’s material is not to be missed.

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