Apr 272005

OK, i just discovered this. It was sent to Douglas Rushkoff’s Media-Squatters, a discussion list about media literacy.

It’s called Montage-a-Google, a “simple web-based app that uses Google’s image search to generate a large gridded montage of images based on keywords (search terms) entered by the user.”

My favorite result was a search with the images-per-row parameter (under Advanced Options) increased to 20, using the simple search term, “ghatam”.


Brainstorming session for album cover artwork anyone?

Tell us what you tried

Apr 022005

Striking the Soundroom from its Somerville location has been something of its own adventure.

Long-time Red Sun Soundroom regular Dan Goldberg popped in recently to lend a helping hand, de-racking and re-racking gear, labeling power supplies, keeping tabs on the hundreds of connections that have allowed all of these tools to talk to each other. The extraordinary slide guitarist—and one of the first explorers to take advantage of the unique nature of the Soundroom back in the early days—spoke of his fond memories of textural exploration in sound over the years in this studio.

Textural exploration—that is, really diving deep into what can be done with layers on a sonic level—would be something quite natural to an artist such as Dan. Primarily a visual artist, it is in texture and layering that his expertise shows most prominently. His recent skyscape series is a testament to this, and while looking at these large images in oil, it makes sense to me that Dan was one of the few who dared, in the early days of the Soundroom, to take a simple theme or idea and afford it the time and attention to let the depth of field expand and mature. He encouraged me as a creative recordist to embrace the extreme position, to find that furthermost place on the axis between what seems reasonable and what appears—after much work, concentration, and allowance of intuition—to be possible and artistically rewarding.

Afford yourself a large canvass, he seemed to be saying, all those years ago (and has echoed in his encouragement ever since), and spread yourself upon it, step back, and have a look.

Together, in the studio, we’ve embraced and abused delay-based looping, electrified and heavily treated tamboura, the use of children’s toys, re-amplification techniques that would make most recording engineers wince, and that’s only the beginning. But Dan has also taught me how a singular bold statement can be made in the context of all that experimentation. Build a glorious, unique frame, but put something elegant and simple inside it. That message came from his playing.

It also comes from his visual artwork. From his canvassless paintings that hang from the ceiling like vivid dreamwork taking the form of animal hides, to his skyscape series in oil, and his decades of superb photography—the techniques utilized bend the mind, but the bold stroke within is made utterly clear. Dan has been around the block a few times—many blocks, in fact—and he can depict a place, a scene, at once raw and exquisite in its visual manifestation through the workings of his learned and courageous hands, powerful and delicate.

Mesa – Dan Goldberg

Very soon Dan Goldberg and many other gifted individuals in the Red Sun Soundroom talent rolodex won’t be just a few blocks away. The shop is in transition and will move to find a new set of nearby friends, while doing its best to keep the dearest and most courageous musicians and teachers from the Boston area within hearing range of its call. Would that this family expand its ties and only grow stonger in the next chapter of the Soundroom’s existence.

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