Mar 012005

The rumors are true.

The Red Sun Soundroom is moving.

(This move unfortunately coincides with so many kind and alluring invitations for our involvement in projects within the Boston area.)

Details are to come. Suffice to say “moving” entails deconstruction, re-location, and reconstruction of a recording studio and the so-much-more many of you have come to associate with Red Sun. It is a costly process, but one i hope will allow us, in the long run, to offer even better service to musicians and other artists visiting the Soundroom.

We at RSS are so grateful for everyone’s patience, and for the encouragement you have expressed in recent weeks.

Indulging in Pollyanna’s Glad Game for a moment: amidst our world temporarily turned upside-down, we are glad for all of you.

All of you.

More soon.

Be in touch.

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