Nov 302004

Every once in a while we have to turn away from what’s really important to us and spend a day doing nothing but office work. (Some folks have more days like this than others, i understand.)

We have to step away from our microphones, our consoles, our stringed instruments, our reeds; put down our welding tools, the paint brush and canvas, the lens, the soldering iron, the script, the stage.

We are overcome by ledgers and memos, faxes and voice-mail. We can’t sort out what the next step forward is, unfinished paperwork strewn everywhere.

This isn’t our game, we say, but we must play it. And we need survival tactics. Because some of these office days are worse than others. We feel we could be lost forever in the blizzard of lists, invoices, receipts, “official” correspondence.

Recently, Ms M. offered such a lifeline:

I’ve developed a new strategy for work days like this. You know how in computer lingo, “What you see is what you get” becomes a rather Welsh-looking WYSIWYG (pronounced “whiz-ee-wig”)?

My strategy is “What you see is what you do”, WYSIWYD, or “whiz-ee-wid”.

I proclaim today a whizeewid day. I’m just going to do whatever is in front of my nose and not think about anything else.

I second the proclamation. All in favor?

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Nov 202004

Heather Duby – Post To Wire

There are some things that move us far more than we can remember until the next time we meet up with them. Certain paintings, a poem, that look on one particular person’s face that makes us blush or want to stare. These put us in a place where we are at once thinking outward and feeling inward; or, thinking inward and feeling outward.

There is that axis that passes right through us from above our head to below our feet, from high to deep. A pillar. We feel ourselves traveling this axis, swimming about and looking in awe at the rest of what is in us. We see the things of which we are capable: they terrify and seduce.

All of the songs on Heather Duby’s debut, Post To Wire, have this affect on me.

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Nov 172004

The Red Sun Soundroom family is happy to see the return of these folks.

We keep near our fingertips a number of the unique tools they’ve provided over the years, and there really isn’t anything quite like them. The mere presence of them is like a constant invitation to “perform the studio”.

Good news indeed.

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Nov 052004

Obviously a lot of folks missed that second-to-last step.

We intend to get back to the regularly scheduled program soon here at Red Sun Soundroom headquarters. There’s been a bit of a distraction this week.

For that, and for so much more, we’re very sorry.

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Nov 012004

Stop. Breath.


OK now: Vote, damn it.

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